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Commissions and more art
Swallow and Moon
Commission for gossymer. Had so much fun with this piece, I didn't want to stop. Click for full view:


I used to really hate doing backgrounds, but the webcomic forced me to work on bgs. The more you work on it, the easier it really does become.

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CGSociety Daily Sketches
Swallow and Moon
Feels like I've been hitting a wall lately and everything seems like it's come to a grinding halt. Picked up speedpainting again to try and at least attempt to produce something creative in under an hour or so.

Moss Creature:
The Moss Creature</a>

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Updates and Smackjeeves
YinYi flute
Spring Snow Pg 20-27
Spring Snow Updates

27 pages and still going strong (so far). Actually I think I hit a lull between 20-24. Page 25 was kinda "WTF" and yet my page views increased a lot that week! To be honest, the idea came to me laaaaaaate at night, but when I finished the page I thought, "Uh-oh, wait a minute..." Hooray for insomia, or not. ^^;

After reaching pg 27, I also decided to be more aggressive with marketing the webcomic. So today I made a mirror site on Smackjeeves, where it's supposedly easier to lure in gain new readers.

However, the moment I make an account on SJ I get bombarded with trojan alerts/blocks from Kaspersky. It's not once in a click, it's every few clicks! Navigating the site feels frustratingly impossible when I'm logged in! The alerts are gone when I'm logged out strangely. There's an issue with the iframe or something.

Also, Kaspersky blocks a great chunk of the site, so when I'm surfing I don't see ads, but I also see a lot of blank spaces. I can't even see the comic banners on the main page (or mine for the matter). If this continues I might not be able to stick around for long on SJ.

Maybe it would have been better to make an account with DrunkDuck instead...

Art Dumpage
Swallow and Moon

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Spring Snow PG 12-19
Spring Snow

Spring Snow 12 - 19

Still chugging at this thing and hey, I've managed to get to page 19 now. If things go according to my thumbnails, I'm about nearing the halfway mark. Hooray. And yet, I am not at all pleased. I hate the the sluggish pace I'm going. Too damn slow! I try my best, but I'm always too damn slow with everything! I hate looking back at the older pages. They all look like crap! Why waste time with this when there other freaking hobbies that I'm better at? And yet I'm too stubborn to give up. That feeling I get when I finish a page... it's like euphoria. And then I can't wait to finish this story.

So I keep chugging...

and chugging...

and chugging.

It's the curse of the artist I tell ya.

Spring Snow PG 9-11
Swallow and Moon

Spring Snow pages 9, 10, and 11 are up. Incidentally, these pages have more backgrounds in them than the previous 8 pages combined. Lol. Currently I'm now about a 1/4 done, hooray.

On Painter: I really love the Oil pastels, since I don't have to spend as much time or energy blending as I do in Photoshop. The results are also much nicer. On the other hand, the Sumi-e brushes are crap and pale so much when compared to real brush and paper. Or at least in version 9 they are. Wonder if it's been improved in the upgraded versions. Perhaps if I fiddled with the settings... Nah, too much effort when it's easier to dip the brush in ink and make a mess on paper. If only I didn't make so much of a mess.

Oy... I'm feeling rather fatigued lately. Wonder if it might be the flu...

YinYi flute
So I finally remember I have a livejournal account..... good golly, it's been a while. There goes last year's resolution. ^^

Still I did manage to get my webcomic up:

Hooray for supernatural ghost stories, yeah!

It's just an experimental short story where I get to play around with Chinese/Japanese brushes + india ink, Painter, and Photoshop. I've been trying out new techniques and while I still want a certain element of realism (i.e. no extreme manga stylization) I'm attempting to simplify the art to something more manageable. Although sometimes without realizing it, I end up going overboard or... I end up being too simple. Unfortunately the colors and details aren't consistent because I never do things the exact same (and partly because I'm trying out different tools in Painter). Hopefully it'll smooth out later. Hopefully.

In either case, I really love brush painting, even if I don't really know how to control the brush very well. The lineart is much heavier than what I'm used to but I enjoy the spontaneity. It's funny that as the pages progress, my brush stokes become thicker, darker and more careless. *smacks head*

Yadda yadda yadda.

The Wrong Fairy
Hello Sandy
Forgot to upload this:


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YinYi flute
Click to go to Website

My Website is finally up and running. I'm not 100% happy with the layout, but at least there's something. Actually it looks really bad in Internet Explorer 6 and all versions below. In IE 7-8, Firefox and Opera the layout (which is done in CSS and DIVs) turned out fine. What to do? Should I fix it to make the layout work in IE 6 and below? Does anyone still use IE6 or has it been completely phased out? Grrrrr.

Anyways, hopefully in the future, I'll add a tutorial section and flesh out the Flash and Comic sections.

Next, I hope to have the website for Fallen Moon ready soon. Also I've been debating on trying to finish my old Cat Boy // Mouse Girl webcomic, because I hate leaving it unfinished. Yet motivation to work on it is still nil. I tried drawing some pages for it, but I got bored and frustrated. I want it finished for completion's sake, but maybe it's just not meant to be. Sigh.

Folklore + Insomnia inspired
Hello Sandy

Click on thumb for bigger view.

Been having insomnia for the last couple of days, so I started working on this. It was supposed to be a layout for my website, but the more I worked on it the more I started hating it. There are a lot of things that are off, but I don't want to work on this anymore. Sigh... I'll rework it one day, but moving on now!


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